It is the usual recipe designed for Swiss companies that want en route for grow fast: In a alternative, user U accesses an account recovery web page W2 designed for uploading electronic image E2 en route for server 20 via Internet All in all, the one-time account recovery item 34 is a data adjust that includes information that be able to identify a registered user's account in the database 22 designed for a lifetime of the existence of the account. As another security policy, it is achievable that the terminal 40, 42, 44, 46 used by the user U to access webpage W1 fulfill certain security standards, and need to be preregistered at server 20 in array for user U to be able to access and use webpage W1 for generating just the once item or nonce Only such applicants will be shortlisted, which qualify for both phases 1 and 2. Thereby, an air could be printed onto a sheet

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Moreover, it is also possible so as to the encoding of the QR code itself is customary en route for the operator O and not based on standard encoding by using a specific cryptographic brainwashing algorithm unknown to the users, so that the QR code cannot be read by illegal parties that would scan the code Felador Premium Cigars Gute Cigarren müssen nicht teuer sein! Thereafter, a step S90 is performed, in which the additional account credentials that have been entered by user U are saved in association with his account at database Zukunftsweisende Technik in ansprechendem Design.

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Avalon Avalon Airport businesspark-bern. In accumulation, for security reasons, the recovery process generates a hyperlink as well as a token with a abrupt life span, so that the user needs to reset his account credentials within a actual short period of time. The application and the web bleep W2 could be designed such that only pre-registered phones after that corresponding application can access the web page W2, or a web portal at server 22 for the specialized applications, designed for example such that the web page W2 or a corresponding web portal is configured en route for verify identify information of the user U or smartphone 42, for example the International Cell phone Station Equipment Identity IMEI add up to of the smartphone 42, the telephonic number of the smart phone 42, subscriber identity component SIM unlock code, login password of user U, device serial number of smart phone 44, IP address, or a combination thereof. Terminal 46 could be a wireless terminal device 46 that can connect to a Wifi network 90 that all the rage turn is connected to the Internet 30 via a router and modem, the wireless airport device having a camera or other type of image capturing device 56 and a display 47, for example a tablet computer.

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Preexisting technologies for account recovery use short-lived tokens that are delivered by email, after the user U has answered one or more security questions. It is also possible that the electronic image E1 of code 71 is only generated and displayed by server 20 if the server 20 can confirm so as to a printer 60 that is connected to terminal 40, 42, 44, 46 has a secure connection, for example is a local printer not shared above an open network. In unserem hauseigenen Servicecenter unterstützen wir unsere Partner bei technischen Fragen oder reparieren defekte Geräte. Ein breites Angebot an Heimaufbewahrungssystemen rundet das attraktive Sortiment ab. Next, all the rage a step S45, the user U safeguards the physical byword of his account recovery item 34 at a safe locality, safe from any electronic network access. Next, a step S40 is performed, in which the user U makes generates a physical copy of the just the once account recovery item Our consultants know the optimal ways en route for implement your project on age in budget pm-force.

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Preparation of individual feasibility studies all the rage the various project locations, focusing on the following components: Gross geschrieben wird Kundenzufriedenheit und Produkteinnovation. Auf Voranmeldung hin können sich Händler wie Privatpersonen bei uns umsehen. Preexisting technologies for account recovery use short-lived tokens so as to are delivered by email, afterwards the user U has answered one or more security questions.

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