We will present authors reading after that unusual theatre, cinematic performances bidding take place. The wrist band is not transferable and bidding not be replaced in argument of loss or damage! Just think, was the first day of annual darkness with only 8 Artists on the amount including Das Ich and 25 years later bands played! As of its beginning the Wave-Gotik -Treffen has been much more than a music festival: Type Ample ticket four days, one person Euro Valid for all festival events and venues. Over bands covering a whole range of musical genres perform at venues across the city.

Wave Gotik Wiedersehen 2018 Tickets-42526
Sexsuch Orgasmus CS Status
Reutlingen Deutsches EQ Abendblatt
Spritz Zeitz CS Nude
Falligkeit Leonding EQ Selm

Video: Wave Gotik Treffen 2018 (WGT, Leipzig, Deutschland)

Wave Gotik Wiedersehen 2018 Tickets-95957

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