Top class riders such as Laurent JalabertAlex Zülle and Alejandro Valverde have won the overall classification at the Vuelta a Mallorca; however, Spanish rider Francesco Cabello who rode for the Kelme team throughout his career, holds the record for the a good number victories, taking three overall victories in Majorca inand The gramalleta or sambenet Spanish: Inthe Xuetes designated a group of six deputies — popularly known by the name of "perruques" the wigs because of the luxurious adornment they used during their lobbying — in order en route for address King Charles III en route for make a claim for absolute social and juridical equality along with other Majorcans. Xueta surnames[ alter ] The Xueta surnames are: InLa sinagoga balear o historia de los judios de Mallorca The Balearic synagogue or the history of the Jews of Majorca was published and signed by Juan de la Puerta Vizcaino.

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Xueta surnames[ edit ] The Xueta surnames are: Along with erstwhile distinctions based on religion, professions, and parentage this configured a tapestry of alliances and avoidances among surnames, which had a great influence on endogamistic practices of the period. Hurt all the rage his pride, he denounced a few of their coreligionists before the Inquisition of maintaining the prohibited faith. Because of the concentrated exterior economic activity, the Xuetes resumed their contact with the international communities of Jews, above all of Livornoof Romeof Marseilleand of Amsterdamthrough whom the converts had access to Jewish literature. Helped by corrupt functionaries, the accused were able to arrange en route for only provide limited information all the rage their own confessions and en route for denounce as few of their co-religionists as possible. Subsequently, untilCrypto-Jews were reconciled and were " relaxed " — that is, turned over to the civic authorities to be executed — 82 of whom were actually executed and burned. The conversos managed some social cohesion. Inthe Xuetes designated a group of six deputies — popularly accepted by the name of "perruques" the wigs because of the luxurious adornment they used during their lobbying — in array to address King Charles III to make a claim designed for outright social and juridical equality with other Majorcans. The decorations on the gramalleta indicated what crime its bearer had dedicated and the punishment imposed. It was republished inused in the argumentation to limit the civic rights of the Xuetes after that served as the basis of the libel ofLa Sinagoga Balear o historia de los judios mallorquines The Balearic Synagogue or the history of the Majorcan Jews. At root, both strategies wished to attain the alike goal:

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